Year 2003 :: Gourisetti Venkataiah Meemorial College of Education started in the year 2003 is the vision of the founder and present chairman Sri. Gourisetti Thirupathi Garu son of great philanthropist late. Sri. Gourisetti Venkataiah Garu to cater the needs of the aspiring the teacher trainess in this telangana region. Gourisetti Venkataiah Memorial college of education wishes to extend its services by starting some other teacher education courses in near future.






           Psychology Lab

         Computer Education Lab

         Education Technology Lab

         Science Lab

         Language Lab

Psychology Lab
The college consists of well equipped psychology lab. The lab has the facility for 20  students to conduct  psychology practical at a time. The measurements of the lab are as per the norms prescribed by NCTE. The  lab has  apparatuses and paper pencil tests and scales such as intelligence tests (performance, verbal and non-verbal, aptitude tests, creativity tests, personality scales, attitudes scale, interest inventories, memory tests, etc

Computer Lab
The computer  lab is equipped with 20 computers with LAN & internet facility, the students are given theoretical instruction and practical  experience in various aspects like Ms-DOS,Ms-WINDOS, publisher, power point, EXCEL, Ms-Word  and techniques in using internet for collecting information,

                                   Individual  care is taken on every student to impart more knowledge on computers with practical experience. We also train students to use printers to make a hard copy with a soft copy

Education Technology Lab
Education technology lab consists of different instruments to train the students to use technology in teaching learning  process it consists of instruments like Radio, T.V. overhead projector, Art materials for DVD, Amplifier, speakers, micro phones, video camera, etc.

Science Lab
Learning by doing is the one of the cardinal principles of teaching science. For an effective and  efficient teaching in science a good laboratory with necessary equipment is essential. We do not aim at stuffing the minds of the pupils with mere facts of science but at developing in them the application ability, scientific attitudes, interests, appreciation etc. these can be achieved only if the students get the opportunities to work with their own hands in an atmosphere which pervades in science teaching.

            The science lab consists of multiple sets of science apparatus, required to perform and demonstrate all the experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes in physics, chemistry and biology.

Language Lab
Language lab plays an important role in learning a language, like content subjects, LANGUAGE also has its own laboratory under  the name of LANGUAGE LAB. Different activities are taken up to develop listening, speaking, Reading, writing and other communicative skills in language.

                Our language lab consists of a RADIO, TAPE RECORDER, TELEVISION, DVD PLAYER, CD’s to develop listening skill, charts related to language and phonetic transcription symbols which helps the students develop self learning in language

                Our language lab is also equipped with LANGUAGE TEXT BOOKS, MAGAZINES Reference books, THESAURUS, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.

            Library is the most important and occupies a central place in an educational Institute which helps in creating ideal academic atmosphere. The library is the heart of this institution which fosters the pursuit of academic excellence. The library has a balanced collection of books on subjects of prescribed study such as PHILOSOPHICAL, SOCIOLOGICAL, & PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS, SYSTEMS OF EDUCATION & SCHOOL MANAGEMENT, COMPUTER EDN & EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH & PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT and books on methods of Teaching different school subjects, books on CURRENT TRENDS, JOURNALS on educational aspects and issues.

            The library has “THE REFERENCE SECTION” Which consist of number of DICTIONARIES, ENCYCLOPEDIAS. The library has a spacious reading room for the students to go through the Newspapers and journal during their leisure time.

            The college library has about 5546 books, about (10) Journals are prescribed every year. The collection of books are continuously up dated every year. An added facility to the college library is the availability  of the book bank, the students who cannot posses their personal copies of text books can take the books from the Book Bank section and return at the end of the year.

            A library orientation programme is held to students every year to acquaint them of the various services provided by the library and of the procedure to borrow books and other materials. The library has a well qualified librarian and an assistant to assist the students and issue books everyday.


Journal and news papers prescribed for the college library


     1.       School Science

     2.       Recent Researches in Education & Psychology

     3.       The Primary Teacher

     4.       Edutracks

     5.       Indian Journal of Adult Education

     6.       Andhra Pradesh

     7.       Indian Journal of Teacher Education (Anwshika)

     8.       Completion Affairs

     9.       Education world

     10.   Indian Educational Review

     11.   Indian Education Abstracts

     12.   Journal of Educational Technology

     13.   Journal of Indian Education

     14.   Journal of Value Education

     15.   Perspective in Education

     16.   Journal of Educational Planning and Administration

     17.   Miracle of Teaching

     18.   New frontiers in Education

     19.   Psychology today (Telugu)

     20.   Udyoga Sopanam

     21.   India- Today

     22.   University News

     23.   The progress of Education

     24.   Computer world

News Papers

·         Eenadu

·         Andhra Jyothi

·         Vartha

·         Decan Cranicle

·         The Hindu



·         Seminar Hall

·         Play Ground

·         Drinking  Water

·         Waiting Halls

 Multipurpose  Hall
The college has a seminar hall named after the great educationlist first vice chancellor of kakatiya university Dr. K. Venkata Ramaiah Garu which adds to the  prestige of the college. The seminar hall is rectangular in shape with a Dias on one side , The seminar hall is equipped with audio system which will enable to conduct extension lecturers, seminars, discussions, work shops, training programmers, and  also suitable for celebrating college functions.

Games Room
College has provided spacious hall  for indoor games such as table tennis, Carroms, Chess etc.,

Play Ground
An Educational Institution without play ground does not seem to be complete, as it is needed for the physical development. The college play ground provided place for games like foot ball, volley ball, cricket, Tenni-coit etc., we encourage the students to participate in various games and sports

Drinking Water
The college has purified drinking water facility, the management has recently installed a water cooler for supply of cool drinking water during summer season to the students.

Waiting Halls
The college has waiting halls separately for boys & girls with required infrastructure facilities like wash basins, mirror, toilets etc.,  these provide space where students can relax and gather together for discussions.

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